Monday, February 23, 2015

The Visitors….Dun, dun, dun

Hello Family!!

Holy cow there's so much that has happened this week it's just been so awesome! So I don't even know where to start... I think talking about the apostle coming should work. This Wednesday Elder Ballard and Elder Rasband had a layover in Anchorage on their way to Asia so they wanted to spend the time that they had and come and talk with the missionaries. Being around General Authorities is always such a cool experience and a testimony builder. Gosh when I was home I totally took for granted having sacrament with President Erying almost every Sunday. Never again. They both talked to us a lot about missionary work and ways that we can improve. It was kind of an informal meeting so it was pretty funny to see Elder Ballard just joking around. One of the things that he really focused on was giving the remainder of your mission, however long or short that may be, over to the Lord. He said that when we know that we're on the Lords time we accomplish so much more. Another thing that has really helped a whole lot was he talked about teaching with understanding especially in the first visit with an investigator. It really is the make it or break it lesson and whether or not they want to investigate further all depends on that. All in all it was such a cool experience!
We've had so many miracle lessons so things have been going so good. It's times like these on the mission that just makes every thing else all worth it. To start it all off we were able to pick up a new Investigator named Susan. We had tracted into her the week before and seemed like a nice lady but not really too interested but we went back anyway. We wanted to really try and apply what Elder Ballard taught us and went in and taught the Restoration and the spirit was just so strong. It was amazing to see her countenance change as we went through the lesson. The coolest part was when we were talking she stopped us and said "I don't know where but I know that I've heard this somewhere before" It's crazy how much that happens when we teach people! The Perry's are still doing so great and the whole family came to church this week so that was a miracle. We also had another awesome lesson with Erin and got a soft baptismal commitment from her.

So Friday night when Elder Jensen and I were planning we got a call and on the phone it was an 801 number. The only 801 number that calls us is one of the Senior Couples in from the mission office. I answered the phone and was pretty shocked when I didn't recognized the voice and heard "Elder Brown this is your Uncle Joe!" Haha!! I know he's been talking with you but on Saturday he drove up to Eagle River and took us out to lunch. It was pretty fun seeing him again and getting an update on everything that's been going on back in good old Utah. Holy cow things have changed so much more than I thought... I was pretty taken aback and it was really weird seeing someone that I knew from home on my mission but he's the man! He brought us a whole bag of goodies and left it with us so it was so nice of him.

Yesterday I had a meeting with President Robinson and got my transfer call early and found out that I'm leaving Beach Lake and getting transferred to the Rabbit Creek ward in South Anchorage. I can't believe that training Elder Jensen's already over... that flew by so fast! Like always it's going to be hard leaving all of the people that we've been teaching.

Well that's the wrap up of my week I hope yours was just as awesome!

Love you guys!

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