Monday, March 2, 2015

Logistical Nightmare

Hello Hello Mother!

That's so awesome that the Braves took state! It's going to be so much fun going to all of the state games when i get home!

Holy Smokes this week has been so busy and my head has just been spinning. Monday and Tuesday were pretty normal and I spent most of the time saying my goodbyes to all of the amazing people in Beach Lake and packing up all of my luggage. It's crazy how much junk you can accumulate... It's going to be pretty hard skinning it all down to fit in two bags when I get home. On Wednesday President and Sister Robinson came and picked me up in Eagle River and then took me into the office. Elder McCusker and I were reunited and got to spend the week together which is always a blast :) We were in a trio with Elder Babb my new comp. Every day just seems like it all blended into one. It was kind of a weird change because with how busy we were we only had MAYBE 1 hour a day to go out and proselyte. Before Saturday we had to put together all of the logistics for all of the missionaries coming into and then leaving transfer meeting. So pretty much we have to plan 3 day trips for 130 people and figure out what time their plane leaves, who's going to take them to the airport, who's going to pick them up, where they're going to stay, etc. etc. Oh man It's a nightmare! Friday night at 11:30 we finally finished it all up and then Saturday was spent calling all of the missionaries and letting them know. Hopefully everything all works out and no one gets left haha! 

This transfer our mission has been doing something pretty cool! We had all of the missionaries send in videos and pictures holding up a sign that answers the question "I feel courageous when"  This week when we weren't doing logistics we were filming some different shots and then making the video! I think it actually turned out really well! It's going to be making it's premiere tomorrow at transfer meeting! We send out the transfer meeting over webcast and Elder McCusker and I are going to be singing so you'll have to watch it tomorrow so you can see the video and hear how bad my voice is... the thing that man makes me do... haha! Transfer meeting starts at 1:00 Alaska time (I can't remember if you're 2 hours ahead or behind us...) So it's at either 11 or 3 your time! The web address is Http:// so you'll have to watch! 

Well the new shipment of missionaries comes in in a few hours so we're going to go and pick them all up and have new missionary orientation and get them all settled in so today's not going to be much of a P-Day but it should be fun! I know it kind of sounds like a lame week but it's been a blast! 

Hope that everything's going great back at home base! 

Love you guys a whole lot!

-Elder Brown
Twinning is winning.
Logistic nightmare….still in the office 11:30 p.m.

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