Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mt. Baldy

Hello Mother!

Well I didn't think that the Valentines Day package was going to get here on time but I got it the day of so it was perfect timing! You're getting pretty good at this :) Thank you so much for the card reader! Now I can actually send pictures so you can see some things! The Shirts really saved my life though... Most of my white shirts I can only wear under a sweater or coat because well they're not exactly white anymore and some had holes so thank you!

Holy smokes I can't believe that E is coming home already... It honestly makes me sick to look at the calendar and see time tick away. I wish that I could just stay out here for forever. I love it! 

So believe it or not it's actually 50 degrees outside right now!! Everything is melting! I've cried for too long over the lack of snow this year and how warm it's been so I just decided that I'm going to embrace it and try to love it. This week has shot by but it's been so great! Last Monday the Perry's accepted the invitation to be baptized so I'm so excited for them!! There are some people and families that you teach on your mission where you just know that you were sent to them for a reason and I really think that this is one of them. It always amazes me how much love you can have for someone that you haven't even known for too long. This Sunday we also started teaching one of our members friends who has been coming to church with him and she's really solid! There's just been a whole lot of miracles happening! Tomorrow the big dogs are coming into town. we have a meeting with Elder Ballard, Elder Rasband, and Bishop Stevenson. They're on their way to Asia but are making a pit stop in Anchorage so that they can talk to us. I'm so excited!

Valentines day is notoriously known as the worst day for a missionary so instead of letting it live up to that we decided to make a ton of sugar cookies and then take them around and deliver them to all of the people we are teaching. The cookies actually turned out really good! At least when we didn't forget to take them out of the oven..

Yesterday was probably the best P-Day of my mission. I was in heaven. We hiked up to the told of Mt. Baldy which was so pretty. When we got up to the top I whipped out my Dora Kite that I had been waiting for the longest time to use so we flew it around for a while. One of the members loaned us a hiking axe (like the ones they use to hike Mt. Everest.) The entire way down was pure glacier so all you had to do was jump off of the edge and slide down and then use the axe to dig into the snow to slow you down when you needed to avoid anything. Not many other missionaries really wanted to do it that's alright :)

Anyway I love you all a whole lot and I'll talk to you next week!

-Elder Brown

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