Monday, February 2, 2015

Lactose Intolerant

Hello Hello!

I'm having some pretty serious technical difficulties right now and I can't get it all figured out... hopefully by next week I will because I have a ton of awesome picture that I need to send to you!
I bet it's so nice to finally have your other half back! Kate is boss so I'm sure with her being gone for 18 exhausting months you're more than happy to hand the reigns over to her! That's so crazy that Kate met someone from Vanuatu at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building whose family she knew from her mission! That'll be so sweet for her to go to lessons with them. What's even crazier is that you guys hadn't seen Meet the Mormons... You're terrible Mormons! Just kidding ;) Anyway did you like it? Who was your favorite person?

This week was so great! at 12:45 Sunday morning I woke up to my poor comp in the bathroom throwing up everything he had ever eaten so it didn't end too well but that's ok!  Anyway yesterday was a pretty marquee moment of my mission! It was the first time that I had a Native family come to church! Kinda sad since I spent 6 months in a place where 70% of the population is Native but hey I was just happy that it happened. The Perry's who we have been teaching were the ones that came. Fast and testimony meetings are my favorite time to bring investigators just because the spirit's always so strong. It was so cool how just about every testimony was exactly what they needed to hear! Needless to say they loved it so things are going awesome with them. At the beginning of last week we also put our new investigator on date for baptism. She's a lobbyist for an Alaskan senator so she's a character. Oh boy can she talk, and talk, and talk. But we love her!

Last night during wind down time I was watching some videos from the Church History Discs and the story popped up about the 3 18 year old boys who helped almost the entire handcart company who had been beaten by bad weather across the Platt River. All three of them later ended up dying and Brigham Young stated that by that deed alone all three of them had inherited Celestial Glory. It just made me think how lucky I am to live in a time where really the great sacrifices have already been paid for by all of those who came before me. We have it so easy! I think that because of it so many of us are too relaxed and comfortable with where we are and so many of the simple easy things that we are supposed to be doing daily just fall through the cracks. It reminded me of the quote that talks about how so many people would say that they would die for the Savior. But how many of them would live for him? Anyway just something to think about!

Hope ya know I love you guys a whole lot! Have a great week!
P.s. Well family I have some bad news... I officially self diagnosed myself as lactose intolerant. Every time I eat something with milk in it I get pretty sick... bummer dude

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