Monday, February 9, 2015

V Day

Hey Clan!

Gosh mom you have no Idea how hard it is trying not to eat anything with milk in it... I feel so bad for Liz she's such a trooper with having to go through all of that bunk. I'd be pretty miffed. The hardest thing is that my taste buds still love it so it's so hard to stay away from! Cheese and ice cream is what gets me the most so hopefully I'll find the strength to stay away.

That's so funny that Steven Foster met her! Oh man I guarantee it was Sister Hewitt! You'll have to ask him if it was Brynn Hewitt that he met. I miss her, she was so much fun to be around! When she was serving in North Pole the first time she saw THE Santa Clause she fell down on the ground and started sobbing so she was his favorite. He ended up getting her a Christmas present and then they almost started teaching him. Think about how cool that would've been if they converted Santa?? That's awesome that the fam went over to Jens for dinner! I love salmon so much now! I think when I'm about to go home I'm going to buy some salmon, shrimp, and halibut to bring home with me so that we can have an Alaskan seafood feast!

This week has gone by so fast... and it's been so much fun! I have the funniest pictures to send you so hopefully soon I'll find a way to send them out. This week was full of a whole bunch of service. Each week we go out to a place called the Eagle River Nature center which is like 15 miles out of town in the middle of the most breath taking mountains you'll ever see. The first time we went out there they had us go snowshoeing for 3 hours on these trails to pack all of the snow down for a bike race this weekend. I'm not really sure if you can call that service but I was in heaven! We volunteered last Saturday for the bike race and Elder Jensen and I had to dress up in Polar Bear and Wolf Suits and then hike a mile into the race to direct the bikers for a while. it was a riot and all of the people loved it. Yep that's what missionaries do in Alaska. Dress up in animal costumes and direct traffic. Haha I'm just kidding!

The Perry's are still doing really really good and tonight we're planning on inviting Sister Perry to be baptized so wish us luck... It's going to be great! Ever since the ward split our area has been struggling a little bit so quite a bit of the time we just spend a lot of our time either street contacting or tracting which is pretty fun! You sure meet a lot of interesting people that way.

Well that's what's been going on up here but I hope you guys have a great week and a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!

Love ya,
Elder Brown

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