Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Finally some snow

On January 23rd at 9:15 am Alaskan time the almost 3 month curse of no snow was finally broken and it snowed!! I was so happy! I don't know what's been going on but the weather this winter has just been crazy! One day it'll be -10 then the next it will be 40 above. They started putting up signs on stores and restaurants billboards saying "Lost Snow if found return to AK" Haha! I took some pictures that I'll send to you next week but I left my camera back at the apartment.

Well I'm glad that Kate's quite the little cleaner and organizer! It looks like all of the brainwashing you did to us by making us chant "Cleaning and Organizing and Being Good Kids!!" over and over again actually worked! She probably is just so used to having a dirt floor that everything on a hardwood floor just sticks out to her! Is she adjusting pretty well? How's her accent? Does she still speak like a Vanuatuan? On a different note, I'm so glad that the Utes finally have a decent basketball team!! You should definitely send me some updates or a copy of their schedule and all of the teams they've played.

So just a couple of quick little stories... When I was up in Fairbanks my first transfer up there we were visiting an older lady in our ward who was starting to get just a little bit a dementia so we would go and check up on her periodically. One time while we were there her daughter and grand-daughter from Chugiak (by Eagle River) were there. They were super nice and really interested so we invited them to church and then started to teach them. They were only up there for about a week so it didn't end up going very far but before they left I gave them a card with my name on it and number. We then called the missionaries down in Eagle River and told them about them. Well fast forward 7 months and last week we were able to go to their baptism! It was by far the most spiritual baptism I was able to go to. It was so cool to see all of the different people that God had put in their path to make sure that they made it. He really wanted them! In her testimony she started out by telling everyone of the card that I gave her 7 months ago that she still had and how after that the road was paved for everything to fall into place. It really built up my testimony that although we might not be able to convert everyone, we can at least plant some seeds that can grow in the future. I love the quote that talks about how each apple tree has to begin as a seed, and because of the one seed numberless apples are reaped!

To answer a few other questions real quick... the ward I'm in in great! yes I'm still training Sister Wright's nephew so that's fun! The darkness is fading pretty quick and it's getting lighter and lighter each day so I'm definitely a fan of that! With the boundary split we still struggling a little bit to find people to teach but that's alright because I'm gonna find them!

Love you guys!

-Elder Brown

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