Monday, October 27, 2014

Go Utes


I'm so stoked that the Utes are doing so well! Saturday we had dinner with a family that just moved up from Provo. Even though they're die hard Zoobies I still sweet talked them into giving me the play by play of the Utah USC game. Ahhh I hope they can keep it up! That's pretty cool that Kate gets to travel to all of the different Islands! That would be pretty fun!

Well all this week I've been hopping from couch to couch in all of the areas in Fairbanks. Last Tuesday we went and dropped Elder McCusker off at the airport and ever since I've just been bouncing around from area to area. It's been pretty fun! Most of the time I've stayed with Elder Nielson (my companion from Bethel) We're going to be pretty tight when I get back home. He leaves in 6 weeks...
Transfer calls came this Friday and I'm staying in 3rd ward as the Zone Leader and then Elder Jolley from Tremonton is going to come up with me. He seems like a pretty good guy so I'm pretty excited!

This weekend was Stake Conference in our stake and it was so good! Our Stake President is such an amazing man and has helped me out a whole lot.  One thing he said that I've been thinking a whole lot about lately. He said: If there's ever a time we think we need to be right instead of being kind, repent. I think a lot of time we struggle so badly with the drive to be right instead of being kind.  Trying to be right. Anyone can try and prove that they're right but it takes a true disciple of Christ to say "You're right, I'm sorry" even when you know you're right.

I was able to catch up to Sister Gridley from Dad's ward when he was here.  It was really cool to talk with her a lot about him and reminisce a little.  I miss that guy!

Love you guys!

-Elder Brown
Sister Gridley

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