Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Wuff Slayers

Hey Family!

 I don't really have too much time to email so I have to keep this pretty quick! Sounds like you guys have had quite the week! It's pretty weird hearing about all of vacation days off that the kids have from school but it sounds like you guys are making pretty good use of it! Ok where is Donut falls? That hike looked so cool! You're going to have to take me there when I get back. 

This week has gone by pretty quick. This week was Courtney's Baptism which was so awesome! All of the Young Women in the ward did something at the baptism so it made it really special for her. Earlier in the week we made the voyage down to Delta Junction to go on exchanges for the day with the Elder down there. The drive down was pretty sketch mcgetch because the roads were just a sheet of ice. It was pitch black the whole drive down with the Northern Lights dancing off in the distance and we just about hit a wolf that was running along side the highway. Needless to say Alaska is a pretty cool place!

We got our transfer calls about a week and a half early and found out that we're getting yanked apart. Elder McCusker's going down to Anchorage again and I'm staying up in the Banks. It's been pretty fun serving with him and you'll get to meet him when I get back because he'll be around the house a whole lot while he goes to school in Utah. Later tomorrow he's flying down to Anchorage by himself and then for this whole next week I'm going to be playing nomad and couch hopping from area to area until I find out who my new companion will be this Saturday. The joys of being companionless I guess! I'm pretty excited to be staying in the same area because there are so many great things going on. I wouldn't mind it if I just stayed her for the rest of my mission. But next transfer I'm really hoping I get to train sister Wrights Nephew that's coming out. Or else there's another Elder Brown coming out so maybe I'll get to train him! If I do I'm making sure that we're both wearing the same outfit ever single day haha! 

Sorry this was so short but I promise I'll be better next week!

Love you guys!

-Elder Brown

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