Monday, November 3, 2014


Hey guys!!
Looks like everyone had a pretty great Halloween! Oh gosh mom when I saw everything that you made Halloween night it started to make my mouth water! That chicken noodle soup and scones looked pretty darn good! I loved Mase and Lizzy's costumes! Haha that's so funny that he was jumping on the tramp with his cape. But I've got to ask... is Ben too cool to dress up now that his a big old 6th grader? I looked like he wasn't even wearing anything! I'm glad you're hikes are still going good but I can't believe that you went up the trail above the temple... Did you see a ton of rattlesnakes? I always hated that one because everytime I would go I 'd see two or three of those dang things. I found out yesterday at church that Utah lost... bummer. I made a bet with one of the members that Utah would beat USC and if they did then he had to wear my Utah tie to church the next week and if they won then I'd take a hit and wear his BYU tie for the day. He wasn't very happy
Well this year's Halloween was a little bit of a bummer. I didn't have the whole church to run around and play in like I did last year in Bethel so there really wasn't too much to do. We had to be in by 9 so we borrowed Ephriams Rescue from a member made some hot chocolate and then fell asleep watching it so it wasn't too bad! But I really missed the scones... haha!

I picked up Elder Jolley (he really gets teased around this time of year) my new comp at the airport on Wednesday and then I was finally able to end the couch hoping run and go home to our apartment. He's a really great guy and we get along really well. So far on my mission I've been blessed with some pretty awesome companions that I always get along with. Since the last two transfer's we pretty much baptized all of our investigators. We've really been focusing on building our investigator pools back up and have a lot of miracles in the making! Zone meeting and Zone conference are coming up real quick so we've been pretty busy running around and getting all of the trainings good to go. Besides that nothing really to great or new has been happening up here!
Have a great week!
-Elder Brown

P.s. thanks a bunch for the package and especially for all of the ties! I loved them!

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