Thursday, October 16, 2014

Meet The Mormons

Hey Guys! 

Well week after week it seems like the Brown family back home is always up to something interesting! I'm pretty happy about it because it makes emails always that much better! That's so cool that Brother Wolley mentioned his brother and I in his testimony. His brother really is such a great guy and I think it's just crazy that I ended up in the same exact ward as him! Hopefully we can make a difference. As for the cookies.... Elder McCusker and I have developed the unstoppable approach for people especially Part-member families that won't let you in. We call it "Warm 'em before you Warn 'Em" No matter what if you're really happy and nice and show up on someones doorstep with a plate full of savory home warmed (Toll house) chocolate chip cookies there's no way they can turn you away! Works like a charm :) Sometimes you need to get pretty creative to make things work.

Aww man I love the Adams Canyon hike! Michael McCann would go on that one a whole lot before we left and have some pretty good memories up there. I think you need to talk to Bishop Erying and talk to him about being the assistant Scout Master or at least the Rep. over the mountaineering merit badge after all of these ventures in the mountains! I'm kidding of course haha. I loved the story of the temple with Jan Freeman greeting you at the other side. It gives me a whole lot of comfort knowing that Dad's going to be waiting there doing the exact same thing when we pass on to the next life. Ahh I love the temple!

This week has probably been the craziest week on my mission by far! I'm sure I can count on one hand how many hours we got to proselyte in our area. We got a email from our vehicle coordinator last P-Day telling us that we had to get all 13 of our cars into the shop with their winter tires ready to get put on. Well we thought that it would be pretty easy except with the snow storm that hit last week EVERY SINGLE PERSON in Fairbanks was trying to do the exact same thing! We spent hours going around from auto shop to auto shop trying to set up appointments but with the mad rush of customers trying to get their tires changed no one was taking appointments and was just changing tires of a first come first serve basis. What we ended up having to do for all of the cars was waking up really early in the morning, taking the cars to the shop a few hours before they opened and then standing in line in the cold for a few hours. The first day it was pretty fun because it just seemed like Black Friday on the mission as there ended up being about 40 people behind us in line doing the same thing. Well that's enough about that but it was pretty brutal. Lots of early mornings and late nights but the good thing is it's done :)

This weekend President Robinson and the assistants came up on Friday to do interviews and then for Zone Conference on Saturday. I got to go on exchanges with Elder Nelson (from MPJH, the one I served with in Bethel) one last time before he goes home in a few weeks. On Saturday for Zone Conference the whole Zone got together and watched Meet the Mormons!! I loved it! Hopefully you've gone and seen it by now, if not then you're missing out! When President Robinson first came out he told us that we were going to be able to go to the theaters to watch it, so that was a bummer but at least we got to see it! I really think with all of the negative things going around about the church that it will really help out a whole lot!

Dawn got confirmed yesterday which was really awesome! Her daughter Courtney's getting baptized this weekend so that will be great! We brought our squirrel to the Ward Harvest Dinner and it was a big hit! We won the award for the most unique and generous contribution haha
Ok. If you want a really good laugh you need to watch this last Sunday's sacrament meeting up through Brother Wappetts (The guy conducting's) talk. I think the website is Fairbanksstake.orgor something like that! I've never laughed so hard in a sacrament meeting in my life. I love that guy! If it's possible could you save it onto your computer so that I can have it when I get home? That would be great! 

Love ya a whole lot!

-Elder Brown

Pic 1 - People give us the most random things... One of our investigators called us and asked if we wanted a few moose bones to give to dogs. We told him we would take them so we drove to his house and backed up to his garage and pulled the entire moose carcass into the bed of our truck... Well after trying to pawn it off to someone we ended up hauling it to the dump. Go figure. 

My mad haircutting skills. Luckily I have a loving companion who said something before I walked out the door with this thing.

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