Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference Weekend

Oh man... I can't believe you have Kate's travel itinerary to come home! That's so weird! It's crazy to see all of the people whose farewells I went to come home. I know it's still forever away, and I don't think of it a whole lot, but I'm slowly climbing up the totem pole. Sounds like you've had a great week though! I'm glad Mason's getting easier and easier to handle but I thought he's supposed to be in his terrible two's so it's supposed to be the other way around! But I'm sure you don't really mind. Haha those pictures of him at the treehouse were pretty funny! You could tell by the look on his face that he didn't really like being pulled away from those trains.

I don't know what's up with you and your hikes lately... at least you always bring someone with you whenever you get lost! I'm pretty impressed with your tennis skills mom! Looks like we're going to have to go to Mueller Park this summer and you're going to have to show off your skills. Holy cow you're going to Thailand next summer?? Who even thought of that one? That's going to be so awesome you guys are going to have a blast! I was pretty taken aback by that one I never really thought that you'd even think of going over seas international for a family vacation. But that's so cool! You'll have to send me some pictures of the resort we're going to be staying at. 

Well this week has zoomed by so quickly! I swear that the longer you're out on your mission the fast and faster the weeks seem to go by. Between General Conference, going on exchanges, and preparing Dawn for her baptism things have been pretty jam packed. So when we put Dawn on date to be baptized we didn't really realize that it was going to be General Conference weekend. She actually was the one that brought it up! But with how well she had been doing we really didn't want to have to move her date back a week. So we ended up shooting the gap in between the afternoon session and priesthood session of General Conference! The baptism ended up going really well and was such a cool experience! She's really been through the ringer throughout her life but it's been so amazing to see the transformation that she's been able to make in just the last few months that I've been able to be with her. It really just goes to show that no matter how dismal the circumstances may seem, no matter how deep the despair, the Atonement allows us to change this day our destiny and what we have the potential to become. 

I'm so grateful for General Conference! Even though my bottom is so sore from sitting in the uncomfortable pews for 10 hours. There was so much that stuck out to me this conference. One of the things that really hit home with me is how my entire life all I've been doing is living below my potential. Heavenly Father has created each of us differently so that we can excel in our own ways. He doesn't want us to be the average Joe or mediocre. Whenever we feel that way we're living below our birthright. Each one of us has been given the power to become whatever we want to become and to be the best at it. All growing up I never even scraped the surface of what I can be. What was running through my mind a whole lot during conference was when I was talking to you a few years ago about how on your Honey Moon with dad how you could hardly even get him to do anything because all he wanted to do was to read! I loved the story someone shared about the young mother who was a maid who made all of her kids stop watching T.V. and read books. And how their lives and situation was completely changed because of that mother. I just feel so much more motivated to learn! There's so many things I don't know. In the Doctrine and Covenants it talks about how the "Glory of God is intelligence". I'm so excited for the chance that I have to be here and to learn and to grow and I'm even more excited to get home and to put to use all of the things I've learned on my mission!

Hope that everything is just fine and dandy!

Love you guys! 

P.s. Thanks so much for the package! You're the greatest!

-Elder Brown

Squirrel Hunting on P-Day

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