Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

Hey Everyone!
Sounds like besides the possible food poisoning from the un-cooked chicken wings you had an awesome Superbowl! Hopefully Jordan's not at home throwing up right now... Haha Liz I really thought that after all of the little incidents/hiccups in your cooking that by now you'd be a profession chef! But hey I guess even the best choke sometimes right? I mean look at Payton Manning. Haha I'm sure you all were really missing Kate! I can't believe that Lizzy won most of the money lottery.. that's hilarious! Mom -- I'm glad you were able to keep track of all of your little birds trying to fly down south! Lizzy looked great in her costume and I'm sure that she did amazing in her dance and harp recital.
This last week has been full of ups and downs but it really has been so great! After 4 months of searching we finally found someone who is completely ready for the gospel. Her name is Stella. Haha when I first met her in my mind I was just screaming STEELLLLAAAA!!! Just like Elaine in that episode of Seinfeld haha!!  But she really is so golden. Her finance is a L.A. member in the big lake ward in Wasilla and she really has no religious background so she knows nothing! It's so cool to be able to teach someone literally from step one. She absolutely loves everything that we teach her and wants to meet as much as possible. Maybe I might even get my wish and see that font get filled with the beautiful yellow Bethel water before I leave! When I was reading Kate's email and saw that she had 12 people on date for baptism I just about threw up... But hey we almost have one so only 11 more and we'll be right up there with her too!
Super bowl Sunday was pretty rough. We tried to go around and see a bunch of people but apparently they'd rather watch the Beer commercials than let us help them receive Eternal Life. But hey I guess everyone has their agency right? For lunch we went over to a members house and sat in their kitchen and ate and threw paper airplanes around while everyone was over in the living room watching the game. So much fun! This week has really firmed up my testimony of going to church. I was shocked at how many people didn't show up for church because they were watching the pre-game show for the Superbowl. I think the scripture that admonishes us to "put no other Gods before me" can really apply to this situation. One of the adversaries greatest tools used to pull us away from our Savior are the worldly pleasures that offer only temporal happiness.
Well I hope you all have a great week!
-Elder Brown

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