Monday, February 17, 2014

New Companion

Hey Family!! 

So to answer some of your questions....

The throwing the water in the air and watching it turn to ice trick really does work! I thought it was so cool so I took like 10 videos of it so i'll have to send you one! The car does work... sometimes... We have to plug it in every night to keep it heated up but even when it's plugged in it takes a bit to get it started in the mornings! Luckily in the church we're not just confined to our room. We get to roam around at night and during our breaks so we have a pretty sweet soccer field all set up in the gym haha. Bethel's actually a pretty dark place... There's a lot of bad things going on and I think thats one of the reasons why I love it so much is because you really get to see the difference you make in peoples lives! Alcohol has completely taken over most of the people's lives who live here.  Most of them can't even afford to feed their kids, because all of their money goes to alcohol. Like I said, it's really 3rd worldish. I think in the winter it gets even worse because of all of the depression hits a lot of people really hard.. Its a pretty sad place. 

So we called Alaska Airlines earlier in the week to see if we're getting transferred (the cheater way to find out if you're leaving before transfer calls) and didn't see any reservations! Then we got a call on Thursday from president and he told us that Elder Nelson was getting sent back out to Anchorage after only being here a month and that I was going to stay another transfer... I was pretty shocked! I pretty much was packing all of my bags because I was so sure I was leaving. But I'm pretty excited to stay. My new comps name is Elder Clark & he's from Kansas. That's about all I know haha. This morning we flew into Anchorage for transfers and so that I can load up on food again! It's so weird being around so many normal people and back in civilization.... Being out in the bush for so long really makes you weird! I can't even imagine what Kate's going to be like when she gets back.... haha! 

Well I hope everyone has an awesome week! 
Love ya!

-Elder Brown

Titanic Pose

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