Monday, February 24, 2014


Hey Guys!

I finally got both of the packages! Thanks so much! But when you send a package again make sure you don't wrap it first... then I can't get it sent out here. The weather here has been completely crazy this year... One week its -40 and then the next it's 40 above. They usually get quite a bit of snow each year but we've only gotten maybe 4-6 inches the whole year. It just gets reaaaaaly icy! My new comp and I get along really well which is always a plus. We should have a pretty good time.
Work-wise things have been going pretty well! Stella went AWOL on us so we decided to have a big fast for her yesterday. On my mission I've been able to grow such a huge testimony of fasting! Before I came out I can't say that I ever really fasted for a real purpose (or even hardly at all).  It is so amazing to see how much the Lord truly blesses us for even the simple sacrifice of a few meals. Instead of coming in contact with Stella (which we were fasting for) we were able to find two brand new people who I'm so excited for! Heavenly Father knows each of his children perfectly. He know's when they're ready, and knows when it's just not quite time yet. I'm so grateful for this gospel!

Have an amazing day!

Love you guys!
-Elder Brown

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