Monday, March 3, 2014

What in the World is going on Here?

Hey Family!
Haha thank you so much for all of the Birthday wishes... really means a lot! And thank you so much for all of the presents and the money! I'll have to go out and buy something good for dinner so I won't get caught into eating fermented "she-fish" (a catfish the Eskimos catch and bury in the ground for 3 months and then dig up again and eat) for my Birthday blaaaaaahhh!

Sounds like you guys had such a good week! Hahaha when I read the stories from your blog I started laughing so hard! I can't believe that Meg still trusts you with Mason after all of that corrupting you're doing to him by taking him to a rated R movie! I'm not really sure what's worse... the fact that you took him there or how he started crying when you had to leave. I'm SO glad you're not one of those preppy moms that are too cool for school to make a goof of themselves and have fun with their kids. One of my favorite quotes that I've really been trying to live by on my mission is "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" So often we stay in the mold of what people or society thinks that we should be that it hinders our happiness and prevents us from becoming the person we truly can become.  Gosh it's so weird seeing pictures of everyone in the ward... they're all so grown up now! I plus now I only recognize about half of all of the people in the pictures... have things really changed that fast?? Crazy!
This week in the mission has really been so amazing! Almost too amazing... I've never in all of the time that I've been out have seen things go as well as they have been going lately. But I've gotta say I kinda like the change :) To answer some of your questions the drunk guy we met (Robert) is doing so great! He's really been searching for truth all of his life and really is embracing the gospel. He has had a real rough life but that is where the Atonement really comes in. These past few weeks we've been teaching a Native Family named the Mochins. Sister Mochin was EXTREMELY against the Book of Mormon and wouldn't even let us bring it up (pretty hard when that's what your whole message is about... haha!) Anyways these past few weeks I had really been fasting and praying to soften her heart and for the Lord to provide a way for us to help her overcome this huge obstacle. Needless to say the Mochin family now is fully accepting the Book of Mormon, reading it every night, and progressing towards baptism. It is so amazing the power in which our Father in Heaven has to prepare his children to receive the gospel. The thing that is so great about the Mochin family is that they're a real prominent family in the Eskimo Yupik community. The Native people are so family oriented that most of the ones we've taught, even though they have gained a witness that the Book of Mormon was true, still won't fully accept the gospel because it would mean "defying their culture and their heritage" If we can get the Mochin family then I know that it'll be monumental for the Church out in Bethel and that So many people will follow and be so much more accepting!
We also have 1 other person we found this week named Paul Anvil but this email is really long so I'll talk about him next week! But he should be baptized real soon!
Hope everything down south is going great!!
Love you guys so much!!
-Elder Brown

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