Monday, June 15, 2015

Wasted P-Day

Hey mother!!

So for the hotel booking I think that anywhere in soldotna would be a
great place to stay! Just try and find a cheap one and it'll work! I
definitely want to introduce you to some people down in Kenai that
knew dad that would be pretty sweet! I'll think some more about it is
week and let you know then. So this morning we went on a big Mtn
biking trip back in the mountains behind anchorage so I kind of wasted
my p-day emailing time... There too many things to do and no time to
do it! Anyway I'm doing great! My new comps name is Elder Harris and
he's from Burley Idaho. We get along great and so it should be a fun
transfer! I promise I'll email more next week!

Love ya!

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