Monday, June 15, 2015


This last Sunday we had THREE returned missionaries from the ward I'm serving in come home and speak. It was a little bit weird. I'm definitely not trunks (I'd seriously give anything to stay!) but I just never really felt that it would ever happen to me. I think I'm just going to come home and cry for a week straight. Well enough talk of that!

This week was a little bit crazy! Our total miles traveled ended up
being over 1600! Needless to say I'm getting pretty close to being an
MVP Alaska Airmiles member. On Tuesday we went back up to Fairbanks to
go on exchanges which was great! I got to see Nick who was someone
Elder McCusker and I taught right before his baptism. Friday night we
went down to Girdwood which is such a cool place! I'm definitely
taking you all there when you come! Later that night we drove down to
Kenai for exchanges again. Man are you in for a treat. I promise it
will be the most beautiful drive of your life! While down there I was
able to see sister McCubbins who knows dad really well and she's
excited to meet you on the 17th. Sadly the other one who knew him
really well passed away last week... I guess it's been a while since
he's been here.

Anyway brother Hemmingway comes on exchanges with us tomorrow... Dun
dun dun! We've been working so hard to set up lessons for him to come
to us with so now we're just praying that they don't fall through!
Pray for us! On Wednesday and Thursday we're going to meet with him
to discuss what we can do to help the missionaries and the mission so
I'm pretty excited to get to learn from him!

Have a great week!

-Elder Brown

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