Monday, June 15, 2015

Brother Hemmingway

Hey Motha!!

Well it sounds like things are about to get a little bit crazy with
all of the kids getting out of school this week! I'm super stoked for
you all to go and take Reggie out and get him all warmed up! That's so
crazy about Taylor... I'll definitely keep him in my prayers.

Well this week has been another great one! So a couple of weeks ago we
found out that Brother Hemmingway, who is the head of proselyting
(teaching investigators) for the entire Church if Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints is coming up to our mission next week. On one of the
days he's going to to spend shadowing and going on exchanges with us
in our area... After the exchange he's going to come back to our
apartment and watch how we plan. Talk about intimidating!! It's going
to be a little nerve racking but at the same time it will be a super
unique opportunity to learn from him! Luckily things have been going
really well in our area and everything has been picking up a bit. To
be honest this has been the hardest area of my mission so far. We have
the richest part of anchorage and it's just really hard to get the
people to let you in to teach him so all of our work almost has to
come from the members. This last week our mission president assigned
us another town called Girdwood which is a sweet little skiing village
in the mountains that we're going to be able to work with so hopefully
that helps!
This week I was able to go on exchanges with elders in an area called
inlet view and it was so great! They cover all of the down town area
of anchorage so the whole day we were on bikes and then we just walked
around talking to everyone on the streets and had so much success it
was insane! It's just really weird because my whole mission I've spent
out in the boonies on the dirt roads where you really have only one or
two shots a day to talk to someone walking around and that's if you
get lucky. I can't even imagine what it would be like to spend you
whole mission in a city... Anyway it was a blast!

Oh man mom today was probably the coolest thing (worldly wise) that
I've done in my life so far! So for P-Day we signed up to go on a
fishing charter up in Talkeetna. It's so beautiful up there! It was
$130 and you got a guide, a jet boat, and about 5 hours to fish. I
hope it wasn't a once in a lifetime opportunity but for that price it
was a screaming deal! The salmon aren't quite running yet so we were
fishing for Dolley Varden and Rainbows. To say it was a blast would be
an understatement! I'll send a bunch of pics from the trip! It was
raining pretty good but it was perfect weather for fishing and we all
caught quite a bit!

Anyway that's what's happening in my neck of the woods!

Love ya!

Elder Brown

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