Monday, April 6, 2015

Rackin' Up the Sky Miles

Well lets be honest... Right now you're probably relaxing under a palm tree, soaking it up in a big old hot tub, drinking a pina colada. Needless to say I'm a little bit envious but I decided to be nice and email you all anyway :)

Sounds like exciting times in the Brown household! I hope that you're having an awesome Spring Break enjoying St. George and Las Vegas and that Ben kills it in his basketball tournament this week!

Man to sum up everything that's happened this week would take for days so I'll just give you a few of the highlights! Monday night after P-Day Elder Babb and I flew out to Juneau and got there right around 9:30 or so. There's 2 sets of Elders there along with a set of Sisters. The Elders live in a double wide trailer that's in the lot next to the stake center. It's so much fun living with and extra set of missionaries and especially in a trailer! To be honest, Juneau stole my heart. The day we were there it was bright blue skys with not a cloud in sight so we decided to ride bikes that day. It was the first time in almost 2 years that I had ridden a bike (I felt a little bit like what Kate feels like for a few seconds). I love being on a bike! You can talk to so many more people that way and it's so much better than being locked up in the car the whole day. I really wish I served in a walking or biking area. Would've been a blast! Anyway, Juneau was so beautiful! I really think that you need to make a trip on a cruise or something there someday. We went on exchanges with the Elders there which went really well then we woke up early Wednesday morning and got on the plane and flew out to Ketchikan which is another pretty big island in SE Alaska. Ketchikan's a pretty amazing place! The airport is on an island so you have to take the ferry to get across to the main island. It was really rainy the entire day that we were there but it still was so pretty! It really reminded me of the picture of dad when he went on his fishing trip to Alaska. I think I'm in love with the feel on being on a island... maybe I'm gonna have to live on one one day! There's two sets of Elders there as well so we spent the day on exchanges with them as well and helping them with the work. President and Sister Robinson were with there with us as well and their hotel was right on the dock so out their window they saw a big pod of Orca Killer Whales "playing" (They probably were gonna kill it) with a seal. I didn't get to see it so I was a little jealous but pretty cool nonetheless! 

Flying back to Anchorage we caught what's called the milk run flight. We took off from Ketchikan and then landed in Wrangell, Petersburg, and Juneau before we made it to Anchorage so we were only the plan for 6 hours before we finally got back. If that wasn't crazy enough Friday night we drove on down to Soldotna and I got to spend the day in Kenai! Oh how I miss that place... I was able to go and see the Olson's (Sister Olson was my first baptism) as well Sister McCubbins who knew dad so well. To be honest this week more than probably any other I've been able to feel the closest to dad. The coolest thing was being able to take some pictures 33 years later in the exact places doing the exact same thing where he once stood. Sometimes I look around and think man, dad has looked and the same views and trod in the same places. I was reading in my patriarchal blessing just the other day and I love the last sentence that I want to share with you. D&C 84:88 is stated and then it says "your father will lead out in that great blessing in your life." How amazing it is that even though at times I feel too far away and that it was so long ago that he's able to be with and watch over me as my guardian angel forever!

Hope you have a great Spring Break!

Love you guys!

-Elder Brown

P.S. --- CHALLENGE! If you haven't seen it already then you need to go to watch the new video. Then every single person in the family needs to pray about someone that they're either going to show to a non member in the church either in person, via a Personal message (not just posting it on your Facebook timeline) or text or email! I promise if you pray that someone will come to mind and it will come naturally :)

Elder Mike Brown 2015
 Elder Steve Brown 1981

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