Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Superbowl Sunday

Happy Easter Yesterday!!

Holy Smokes well I think it's safe to say that you had a pretty great week! Looks like it was nice and warm in St George and Las Vegas! Yep it snowed on Easter here. But luckily it melted really quick so it didn't put too much of a damper on the day. I don't miss a whole lot of things (Neither do I think about it hardly at all) but I decided that if I miss one thing that's it''s being able to go under water... kinda weird but all of the pictures that you sent me from you all at the pools made me realize that! Man I can't believe that Liz got asked to Prom 5 times! Looks like she's quite the hot item! Hopefully she's being a good little girl and is reading her Book of Mormon and praying everyday because spiritual beauty trumps all! One of the things that I didn't realize is just how easy it is to listen to General Conference Talks, read our scriptures, etc. etc. nowadays. The world and our lives are getting busier and busier yet Heavenly Father has provided a way for us to still incorporate the gospel into our daily lives without a hassle at all. Elder Babb and I luckily have an iPhone and so every spare second that I'm not doing anything I've started to go to the Gospel Library app and start either listening to talks or the scriptures. Man it's made the biggest difference! Especially on mornings where I'm feeling a little grumpy or in a bad mood it's crazy how fast it turns my attitude and day around. I'd definitely recommend it!
By the way Prego Mego is lookin the part pretty well! I can't believe that she's going to be due so soon... just hopefully not on the 7th :) 

I can't believe that another week has zipped on by... This week was full of meetings. Wednesday we had MLC, Thursday Trainer Trainee Meeting, and then General Conference on the weekend and in between all of that we had to get transfers done. I love meetings :) With transfer calls coming up later this week we spent a lot of time in President Robinsons office working on transfers. I'd always wondered how it was done so it was such a cool experience to see the revelation flow and see how it all works. It really reminds me a lot of how the Apostles selected the missions where the missionaries who submit their papers will serve. We go in his office and pull up all of the missionaries on a projector on the wall and then pray and see where their new areas need to be and which missionary they need to be with. It really amazed me how when the companionship and area is right you get a huge confirming feeling that that's what needs to happen. It's really helped me learn how to use and receive revelation.
The teaching in our area is getting better and better! The members have been doing so well and are really fired up about sharing the gospel! This week we had 2 members invite their friends over to their home to take the discussions and 2 other committed to invite their friends. We've started working with 2 new families that have a whole lot of potential so we're pretty stoked for that!
General Conference of course was amazing as always! I call it the missionary Super Bowl because those are the 2 days that I'm looking forward to for months! I love being a part of a church that is led my living apostles and prophets that can guide and direct us. There were so many things that I learned that I need to work on and change so I'm pumped to start!

Well today we're putting together an Easter Egg hunt for our Zone so it should be a blast! I'm doing it Grandma and Grandpa Brown style with numbering all of the eggs so hopefully it works. And of course I'm going to be sporting those beautiful bunny ears that you sent me the entire time :)

Love you all!

-Elder Brown

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