Monday, April 20, 2015

High On A Mountain Top

Well Hello there!

Oh my goodness mother you are a champion :) I was trying my best to not roll around on the floor and bust up laughing when I read your chicken coop story! I'm so glad that you survived being cooped up with them for that long and that they didn't attack you! I wouldn't have guessed it would have happened to anyone else though because that's always how your luck goes! But hey, you keep me pretty entertained! It's even better because you were trying to sneak across real quick in the PJ's haha.
Thank you so much for checking up on Weber for me. You all are just great! I'm glad that you finally support me going to Weber. Just remember that it's only for the Associates and then I'm outta there.
Gosh I can't believe that everyone's all coming home... Where was Matt Waggers on his mission?  Doesn't Mikey get home in just a little over a month? All of the big rush of missionaries is finally starting to wind down and they're all coming home. There's been a pretty big drop in the number of missionaries in our mission. We keep on losing more and more and as a result we have to keep on combining different areas and shutting some down. Hopefully when summer comes another big rush will come through!
No more Thailand... :( Oh man. I was talking to my friend Mckay Luker who's serving in Thailand and I was going to try and go out with them and take them to lunch. But that's alright we can go another summer. Florida will still a blast! All I'm saying though is that I'm not going in the ocean! You'll have to go look up all of the videos of the THOUSANDS of sharks right off of the beaches in Florida. 

Holy cow this has been the most exhausted I've ever been in my life. Every morning when the alarm goes off a 6 for us to wake up and go running, I just have to lie to myself and say that I'm going to take a nice long lunch nap! But this week has been great! We had our first of seven zone conferences this week. The theme that we came up with is pretty sweet so I'm proud of it! It's called "The Journey of Faith". For the 2nd half of the conference we go on a hike in the mountains and it's all supposed to symbolize Lehi and his family's journey from Jerusalem to the promised land. All along the way we have different activities and trainings on events that happened during their journey such has, retrieving the brass plates, Lehi's dream, Nephi breaking his bow, and building the ship to the promised land. 
For the brass plates the 2nd counselor in the mission presidency is a master wood worker so for each missionary he made a brass plate out of wood that says the name of their zone conference and then 2015 that they all have to retrieve. I'll have to take some pictures of the activities in action this week and then send it out to you next time!
Our investigators Blain and Abigail came to church yesterday and they loved it! I was able to talk on the Restoration and it was just perfect for them. The whole ward just swallowed them up which was perfect. This ward is probably by far the missionary minded ward and they're so good at sharing it all with their friends so we should have some pretty good contacts coming up soon! 

Anyway I got to run but I love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Brown

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