Monday, May 4, 2015

Hello MOTHER! :)

Haha I've got to say I've got to say that I love all of the embarrassing stories so keep them coming!  I feel like those kind of things happen a little bit more than usual to you... My all time favorite probably is the one when you thought it was dad sleeping in the back of the car but ended up being someone else... Good stuff :)
That's SO SWEET Lizzy made the drill team!!! I knew she would but I'm so excited for her! Is Jan really still coaching?? I thought that my senior year was going to be her last?? I guess she just can't walk away. 

This week has pretty much been the same old same old... We had the Anchorage Zone Conference earlier in the week and then after some meetings on Thursday we flew up to Fairbanks for their Zone Conference. I love that place so much. The night we flew in I got to go around and visit all of my recent converts and seem them again! The Gibbs are doing so great! It's been really cool to watch how their lives have changed from the time that they were baptized to now... It's been a complete turn around. Dawn when she got baptized was living in a small dry cabin, didn't have a job or drivers license, or any of that and now she has a nice job, car and place to live. They're a living testament of how the gospel really does change lives! 
Today should be a lot of fun. We're driving down to Soldotna and are going to go on a hike on the drive down and then to their Zone Conference tomorrow. Wednesday we have another one in Wasilla but then after that President Robinson goes out of town to a mission presidents seminar so we get the whole weekend to proselyte!!! WOHOO!! Haha I've never traveled so much in my entire life but it's going to be so nice to be able to just relax and spend some time in our area teaching people.

Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Brown

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