Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kick Ball

Hello Family!

Well the week has finally come! You had all better take a bunch of pictures to send me of when she get's back! I can't believe that she's getting home so late that day... she'll probably be the only missionary coming down the escalator that's for sure. Ben's turning into quite the little baller! He sent me a video of him dribbling in the kitchen (you never let me do that) and he's pretty good! I can't wait to go to his games when I get back! Man I was the worst brother ever before. But that's alright because the Atonement's real and people can change! :)

This week was pretty alright! Most of the week was spent transitioning all of our investigators into their new ward so all went pretty good! Well almost... when we showed up and one of our investigators houses this week with the new missionaries he kicked them out and made them leave... I think we got everything taken care of but pray for him.

Ok I have a funny quick little story! So a few weeks ago we got a media referral from someone named Kek Bol (pronounced Kick Ball) saying that he wanted a bible. Well in the past I've had a lot of bad experiences with people requesting Bibles because usually they do something really weird or they just want to bash with you. Well anyway to be honest I thought that someone was going to open the door and yell 'KICK BALL!" and then kick us someone that wouldn't be pleasant. So we walked up to the door pretty hesitantly and standing far enough from the door that we could react if anything happened. The door opened and it ended up being this awesome guy from the Sudan in Africa. He's 16 and he was looking for something in his life so he wanted us to come over and talk to him. Ever since we've been teaching him and this week we finally got him out to church and got to meet his parents. They're awesome and are really promising! They're a family of 10 so that would be so cool if we were able to start teaching all of them. Even though things have been going the greatest lately the Lord's still blessing us with people to teach and keeping us busy!

Well 2 days remaining till D-Day.... Let me know how it goes!!

Love you guys!

-Elder Brown

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