Monday, January 5, 2015

Boundary Changes

What in the...? Bella likes the cat?? I NEVER saw that one coming. Do you remember when Sarah brought home that cat that she bought off of the street and we were trying to get the dog used to it (i'm not sure if it was max or bella) but the dog would just freak out so we had to give her away? Haha I loved that kitty! Oh goodness and the countdown for Kate is finally in the single digits.. That's' so crazy! From the pictures you sent me of her it looks like she's lost so much weight! I don't know if I could have eaten all those things she has to... Heck I can't even believe that she did it! I bet she's going to be so different when you see her next week!

Well last night we had a stake meeting in Anchorage that turned our whole world upside down. They re-aligned boundaries which affected our ward a whole bunch,. In all honesty about 7 out of every 10 people that we work with are now in a different ward... So things are going to be a little bit different now! Everyone that we had on date to be baptized for this months was switched into the other ward so that was a big bummer! I'm not really too sure what we're going to do but we'll find a way to make things work out! Something i've learned is that when things don't go the way you want them to go you can either sit around and complain about it or you can simply "Arise for the dust" be man and do something about it. After the changes were made I went and read the story in the Book of Mormon where Lehi and his family were traveling in the wilderness and Nephi's steel bow broke. Laman, Lemuel, and even Lehi stopped and were complaining about their circumstances but Nephi saw what needed to be done and simple went out and did it. There'll probably be a lot of long cold days tracting in the snow but hey what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?? haha! :) It'll be an adventure and I'm glad that the Lord has put his trust in us to rise to the challenge! This last week the weather has been really weird... On New Years Even it was up around 40 and everything melted but then a few days ago the temp dropped again and now we're back down in the negatives! 
New Years Eve was a party! We had to be in the apartment at 7 so we don't get in trouble with anything so Elder Jensen and I just played a few games of Monopoly, cracked open a bottle of Martinellis sparkling cider and then went to bed early. We're quite the party animals. 
Elder Jensen is doing really good and is changing so fast! One of my favorite things about training is that you get to see your companion make a huge transformation in the three months that you get with him. I think it's by far the time that you get to grow the most on your mission. 

Well we're going to go play some basketball so I'll talk to you guys next week!

Love ya!

-Elder Brown

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