Monday, April 28, 2014


Hey Guys!

Can you believe it's already almost Mothers Day?! I swear it seemed like it was just a few weeks ago that I was skyping you in Bethel! I can't believe that Sarah and Jord are dipping out on it... that's ok I guess I'm finding out who really loves me. Just kidding :) That's pretty cool that Fat camp teaches you how to cook mom! So the other day my comp was complaining about the food here and how he missed his pigs and dogs so one of our investigators gave us a pork roast... turns out we don't know how to cook it! Shocker right? So if you could maybe send a recipe or something then that would be great! If not I think we're just gonna stick it in the oven and see what happens... haha!
Happy Birthday Meg!!! (Promise I didn't forget!) 

Anyways... Elder Fatani's English is coming along great! He's a stud. I'll make him talk to you when we skype in a couple of weeks and you'll see! He hasn't been swearing in any of our lessons lately so that's good! The only problem we have is that before we go into a lesson I have to make sure that there aren't any mirrors in the room... If there are then he'll just sit there and stare at himself and raise his eyebrows in the mirror. Then i'll try and pass it over to him to teach and he won't know where we're at haha! I kind of have this hunch that a couple of years after I get home I'll go to the store to buy some hanes underwear and he'll be the guy on the cover ;) I love him!

This week we were thrown a little bit of a curve ball. We were having a lesson with Lynn over at our Bishops house and he told us that he was able to get a job working as in engineer for a company up here in the valley which was great! But then he told us that he would be flying down to Seattle the very next day to pick up his things and then drive them up the AL-CAN and would be getting back hopefully Friday (the day before his baptism). Well we were planning on having at least a whole week and a half to teach him the rest of the principles before his baptism but ended up having to have an emergency lesson the very next day before his plane took off. We threw a lot on him but he really is so solid and took it perfectly! We're a little nervous with him getting back the day before his baptism with all of the things that still need to happen and the small window that we have to do it all but I know that the Lord will make it happen. 

Last week we tracted into a new investigator named John on a Friday. He told us to come back the next day to share our message with him so we did. When we came in you could tell something was going on and he wasn't really the same person that we were talking to the day before. Well we taught the lesson anyways and it went really well and he committed to start reading the Book of Mormon. This week when we came back for our follow up lesson he opened the door and started apologizing for how he was last week. Apparently a few hours after we found him that Friday he had a stroke and was taken to the hospital. He had just gotten back from the hospital when we came back the next day and he wanted to hear our message so badly that he still let us come. Pretty cool guy huh? Needless to say he's doing great! -- this week I heard probably the funniest tracting story every so next week I'll have to tell it to ya! :

Hope everything's going great! Have an amazing week!

-Elder Brown

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