Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fruits of the Labors


So for Mother's Day we're going to go over to our Ward Mission Leader Doctor Bostons' house. Honestly, I'm not really too sure what time it's going to be but I'll give you a call some time this weekend and let you know! I'm glad you liked my story about Elder Fatani haha you'll get to meet him this week so you'll understand! 

Man look at you guys doing all that yard work! I guess you could say that I'm pretty proud! Did you get the boat back, sprinklers turned on, etc? My area I'm in is definitely not a very good place for me to be in the summer. It was really hot this week and there are lakes everywhere so everyone was out on the lake waterskiing and boating. Our Bishop has a huge house and lives on a lake with a dock in his backyard where they hook up their boat and all I wanted to do what just jump in the water and go waterskiing! Ahhhhh that's a killer. But It's ok I'm just getting a whole bunch of other blessings right??

This week was really great! Lynn got back to Alaska on Thursday which gave us plenty of time to get everything ready for his baptism on Saturday! Everything thing went great and it really was such a great day! You go through a lot of ups and downs with all of the people you teach so when things finally work out it just makes it all the better! It's just amazing to see how close you grow with them as you watch them completely transform from the person they were before to the person that the Savior knows they can become. He's definitely someone that I'm going to be in touch with for the rest of my life. During the baptism the spirit was so strong. There's nothing better than to hear your new convert bear their testimony.

 With it being such nice weather outside we were getting so sick of being stuck in a car all day so now we spend most of our time walking around town and tracting. Hopefully we can get the work going again and find some more people to teach. 

Anyways I hope that things are going just fine and dandy back in good Ole Bountiful! Know that I love you guys and think of you all the time!

-Elder Brown

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