Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's a BOY!

Man you guys are making me jealous with all of those sweet pictures you've been sending! That's so awesome that you were able to go down to St. George for Spring Break! I miss that place... but it looks like you are all having a blast! Except maybe for the drive down with Mase puking all over the car... I can't imagine that the rest of the car ride was too pleasant. Haha it sounds like Ben's getting a little too strong if he's shutting shower doors and they're shattering! Hopefully you'll get to go to the Pizza Factory and send me up some right?? That's so cool that his AAU team took state! Especially since it was with a bunch of guys from the neighborhood.
This week has been a little bit bitter sweet. Transfer calls came this Saturday and turns out they actually haven't forgotten about me, so I'm finally headed out of Bethel and back to civilization! My new area is in Wasilla. In the Wasilla Ward and I'll be training a brand new missionary! I've been dying to get the chance to train someone, so I'm so excited now that I'll be able to! But... all of the incoming missionaries are either HUGE Poly's or else they're BYU linemen sized so this will be interesting... but it'll be a lot of fun. :)  

Even though it's not the prettiest place I've seen, and most people hate it out in Bethel, I came to love it so much!  The people are so amazing and I'm really going to miss all of them! It was really fun serving in a smaller branch because you just get so close with all of the members. The past few days were mostly just spent saying goodbye to everyone and then trying to pack up all of my stuff (It's crazy how many just random things you get from living somewhere for a little bit!) This morning we flew back into Anchorage, and now we just get to cruise around all day, go shopping, etc.. then I'll pick up my new boy tomorrow morning! Well I don't have a ton of time to email but I promise I'll write better next week!
Hope everything's going great!
Love you guys!!

-Elder Brown

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