Monday, March 10, 2014

Three Prospects

Thank you so much for all of the Birthday wishes and the package! I've gotta say the card was a killer. At first it wasn't working so I was a little bit confused but don't worry I figured it out. You've just gotta be smarter than the card I guess! By the way who made the sweet pillowcases? I loved my birthday celebration kit! I was strutting around the church with it on all night long.
That makes me so happy to hear that they finally did it! Thanks for sending me the story it sounds like it was the game to watch! I can't believe that Nixon missed both... that's so crazy! I'm so proud of them though, especially Jordan Bleak, it sounds like he's been a little stud this year! Man I'll have to admit this is probably the time of the year that I miss the most... High School Playoffs, March Madness, all the works! 

This week has really been so great! For the first time in the 5 1/2 months I've been out here we finally got not one...not two... but three people to commit to baptism! One of them is Paul Anvil the guy I mentioned a few weeks ago! He's just really been on fire and has been progressing like crazy! He's on date for the 29th of March which will probably be my last Saturday in Bethel so that would be so great to be able to have a baptism before I go. The other two that committed are Tracy and Patrick. Last Monday we had a killer night planned. However obviously the adversary isn't too excited that things are going so well so within about 30 minutes all four of our appts. called and canceled. So we decided to go tract! It was late, freezing cold and I had long since lost all the feeling in my hands when we were about to head in for the night. Then we felt like we should just try one more door. We knocked and then Tracy answered and immediately let us in. Since then we've met about 4 times and her and her friend Patrick have both committed as well. They have a long road ahead of them but I'm so excited for them!
To answer a few of your questions...
I think by the beginning of April I should be headed out of here... but then again I thought that last time so I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

It's not dark at all anymore! The sun doesn't set here until about 10 PM so it's pretty much already light when I wake up and light when I go to bed! I thought that it would get a lot darker than it does but it wasn't too bad at all! 
It was warming up... but then it dropped back down this week and has been in the -20s which isn't too bad. Bethel's really really small so everyday especially after being here 6 months it's a real battle to find something to do between 10am - 4pm. So usually even when it's really cold we still go out and go street contacting or tracting. It's pretty fun to see people bolt across to the other side of the street or completely turn and walk the other way when they see us coming! I mean hey I think I'm a pretty nice guy... But when it gets below -40 then we usually stay in!
That's so crazy that Liz got bit by a dog... hopefully it wasn't too bad! Yeah... the reason why I haven't had so many dog stories in Bethel is because lets just say there's a lot of Koreans and a ton of Eskimos here... so dogs tend to go missing quite a bit! But I don't mind, I wasn't a huge fan of running away from them anyways!!

Anyways I hope everyone has an AMAZING week!
Love you guys!!
-Elder Brown
Birthday package.

My little native friends.

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