Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just Like The Eskimos

This week has been pretty crazy... Paul is doing great and he and his cousin Mikey who's been an investigator for a year and a half came to church this week so we were so excited! He's still progressing really fast and hopefully we can keep him on date for the 29th. If I get transferred we'll fly out on the 31st so I'm really hoping I get to see him baptized! Well apparently we've been stealing a lot of members from a certain church up here. Well the minister wasn't too happy about it and she decided to pop in during one of our lessons this week! Lets just say it was pretty interesting :) The Church has been examined and attacked, persecuted, and doubted for its entire existance; yet it still stands. Nothing has been discredited or disproven, and nothing ever will be. I'm so grateful to be a part of it! It's been pretty funny... they've seen how much success we've been having so they decided they they'd get name badges too! haha! Hey they say copying is the best flattery right? (or something like that :)  )
So yesterday during church I guess someone decided to leave the water on.... Well we went to go and clean some dishes and you guessed it... No water was coming out! Turns out all of our water was drained during church! That makes things a little bit harder since the water truck doesn't come until Wednesday. So we decided to put all of our acquired Eskimo skills to work and go harvest some ice! So most of last night was spent out on the lake chipping out pieces of ice so that we would have some water to drink and wash up with! After we got all the ice we thought we needed we went back to the chruch and started boiling all of the water. Well its turns out that what they say about ice/snow is true... You thing that it will make a whole lot more water than what it really does! Needless to say I think we're going to have to go back and pay the lake a few more visits today :) Just makes more cool mission stories for the journal right?
My new mission president's name is Ranger Robinson (I dont think that's his real name?) He's from Bear Lake and has been a park ranger there for a while I guess. He won't come in until the summer but I'm really going to miss President Beesley. He's really one of the greatest guys i've met so it'll be hard to see him go.
Well I hope that everything's going great and that everyone has an amazing week!
Love you guys!
-Elder Brown


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