Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Six Months Done and Gone

Hello Family!
This email gets to be short and sweet because I'm in transit and don't really have too much time! But it sounds like everyone had a pretty great New Years! Haha that picture of Mase on the porch made me laugh pretty hard. It doesn't look like New Years is his favorite holiday...
Just a few days ago we had transfer calls and found out that Elder Nielson's going to be leaving me and that I've been exiled for another transfer! It was a real bummer that I'm losing him but I'm so excited that I get to stay out in Bethel longer. I LOVE it there! My new companion's name is Elder Caden Nelson. He lives in NSL and went to the high school down south. He went to Jr. High and played basketball there so I think it'll be a lot of fun and we should be able to see a lot happen. They sent us into Anchorage for transfers and president decided that he's sending me back to Kenai for a week to help the Elders that are there get things figured out and going to I'm so excited to be able to head back down there for a while.
Last week I hit my 6 month mark... that's so crazy! Looking back it seems like I've had 3 years worth of memories already but that I've only been out a few weeks!
Well there's this dumb little clock on my computer telling me how much time I have left and it's about to time out so I'm sorry this email's been terrible but I promise I'll have more time next week!
Elder Brown

New Year's Dinner

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