Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where's The Snow Yo?

Hey guys! Well can you believe it's already Christmas time?! I can't believe that it's already that time of the year... It seems like it was just yesterday that it was the summer.... holy cow time flies by so fast! Thanks for all of the pictures you sent me! Mom. You're scaring me a little bit! It looked like you were getting just a little bit too cuddly with Santa in a few of those photos you sent me.   I'm glad you got my North Pole ornaments I thought you'd like them! I bought them for pretty cheap so that's probably why one of them was missing. The party at the Jacobsens looked pretty fun! Its so weird to see how much everyone has changed in just 6 months... Crazy! 

So there is literally no snow here... The heat wave melted everything and it hasn't snowed since but it's been freezing so it's just a frozen wasteland! People have been asking what I wear everyday so I'll attach a picture of it! 

So this week has been amazing. Things out in Bethel have completely turned a 180 and we have been blessed so much. We've picked up  new investigators this week which in unreal. I have a few stories I want to tell you but i'll try and keep it short so you don't get bored. 

Story #1

A few days ago we were walking around tracting and we went to follow up on someone who told us to come back another time. We walked to the door and knocked and Robert (the person we were looking for) wasn't home. We did our little speal and he looked surprisingly happy and let us in. We started talking with him and he just sat there and started crying saying how crazy this was. We asked him what he was talking about and he told us how he had been praying this morning that someone would be led to him to help him. He has been going through some really rough times and we were able to give him a Book of Mormon and talk with him for a while.

Story #2
About 2 months ago when we were tracting we knocked on this door and a lady came out and was trying bash with us. We answered all of her questions and she was just really rude and ended up telling us to get lost and slammed the door in our face. For some strange reason we both felt the strongest prompting that we need to go back someday. A few weeks later I made some chocolate chip cookies for her that we knock ditched at her house. Yesterday we decided to go back and try and talk with her again. Right when we pulled up a boy on his bike pulled up and ran inside. We went and knocked on the door and he let us in. He started venting to us on how he's been battling depression as he's been trying to give up a few addictions and has been going through a rough patch with his mom. He asked us what God thought of what he was doing and we were able to tell him how much God loves him and taught him the Word of Wisdom. The Spirit was so strong and he started to cry and asked us if we would please come back and teach him and his mom. I have no idea why we felt so strongly that we needed to go back to that house after they had been so rude. All i can say is that Heavenly Father knows each and every one of his children and knew how close they were to being ready to receive the restored gospel. He knew that they just needed a little more time and then they would be ready for us.
It is just crazy to see how the Spirit works. I think these stories are perfect examples of why we always need to be worthy and listening to the promptings of the spirit as we go throughout our day as it will lead us and guide us in all that we do.
Hope you all have an amazing day!
See ya next week!!!!
-Elder Brown

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