Thursday, December 26, 2013

Feliz Navidad

Feliz Navidad!

Holy cow mom from how much you've been having to snow blow I'm gonna take it that its been snowing quite a bit? I can't believe how much you've had to snow blow/shovel! Haha but hey at least that's your work out for the day right? Be careful that you don't do too much and have you knee give out on you! That'll be so nice when Meg and Quinn move in and they can help you out with it! I loved all the pictures you sent me! Looks like you guys are all primed and ready for Christmas! I can't believe it's already here... that's so crazy! 

This week has been pretty average missionary work wise until last night. Somethin pretty strange but really great happened! We got a call from someone but we were in a lesson so we weren't able to answer. We called her back and she told us that her name was Pat and she had flown in from a village a few hundred miles north. Her flight in Bethel was canceled so she was staying the night in Bethel with some members and wanted to talk with us. we weren't really sure why she wanted to talk with us but we went over anyways. When we got there she explained to us how she had met with missionaries before and had been attending the Bush branch (church over the phone) for about 6 months. She knows that everything is true and wants us to come out to her village and reteach and explain some things and then baptize her! This next transfers (I hope I get to stay!) We're going to be able to fly out on a 4 man bush plane and go to the village she is and teach and baptize her! Just yesterday my companion and I were fasting for a baptism so this was an incredible answer to our fast! Just another perfect of example of how our Heavenly Father is so mindful of all of all of us!

This Christmas season it has been amazing for me to see how forgotten and corrupt the true meaning of Christmas has become. As I was thinking this morning some of the lyrics of the song the Away in a Manger came to mind. "Be near me, Lord Jesus' I ask thee to stay close by me forever and love me I pray." All of the gifts we receive during this season will eventually be lost, broken or forgotten. However the gift our savior gave us is not one that is temporal or worldly; not one that can be broken or lost. He has given us the greatest gift of all one that is infinite and eternal. This Christmas season may be celebrate all it is that our savior has done for us and cherish all of the things we have been blessed with. As we do so we will be blessed with the spirit of Christ, the true meaning of Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

-Elder Brown

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