Monday, December 9, 2013

Santa Baby!

It sounds like you had an awesome time at the Santa party! I'm so jealous that I had to miss that... Did he miss me? You need to tell him that I said Hi and put in a good word for me because I think he's mad at me... This year he sent all of my presents in the mail! How lame is that?!! Tell him that I'm still really thankful for the gifts but that I prefer if they just appear under the tree on Christmas. That'd be awesome!! Haha but Mase looked like he's still not a huge Santa fan yet. Are all of the Christmas decorations all up now? They better be! Luckily I got all of my Christmas decorating in since we went over and helped a couple of family's put there's up because we didn't want to miss out on all of the fun! By the way I sent you something in the mail that should be getting here today... I think you'll like it!
Well this week has been pretty darn great! The weather has been pretty crazy... It was 45 degress a few days ago! I mean I'm not going to complain but it was just a little weird! I heard it's like -2 in Mexico or something? We had the Zone Leaders come up and visit us for a few days to check and make sure that we're still alive. It nice to know they haven't forgot about us. And what's even better is that they brought up our shipment of food!! We were running pretty low there for a minute and only had a few packets of ramen left but they came up and saved the day so we should be good for a while!

One of my ZL's is Elder Bryce Beirne. He's the former University of Arizona Quarterback and is a pretty cool guy so it was really fun to have them come up! This week we were able to do a ton of finding. I think that we have a total of 13 call backs and at least 5 of them seemed pretty interested so we're really excited to go out and visit them and see what happens! 

Last Tuesday I caught what they call the Bethel Crud and started to get sick and it just kept getting worse and worse. Yesterday it was pretty bad and I didn't want to get anyone else sick so we decided to just camp out in the church for the day. Its pretty frustrating because I HATE just sitting around doing nothing when there's so much to do! But it's alright first things first right? Maybe I should stop kissing so many Eskimos... I'm kidding of course!!! 

Well I hope that everything is just fine and dandy in the Lower 48!
Love and miss you guys!
Elder Brown

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