Monday, July 29, 2013


I know kate "Claims" that Baltimore is beautiful but its got nothing on this! Our apartment is right next to the beach where the Kenai River meets the ocean. Most of the week has been such good weather and it has been SO HOT! (70 degrees) Usually its never like this so everyone is outside tanning. Yesterday the hot streak ended the fog rolled in and the temp dropped down to 40 degrees! Its getting a little chilly up here! 

As we were going around visiting the members, we went and saw the Thomas family. We got talking and some how it came up that her maiden name was McCubbins. That name some how sounded familiar but I couldn't really tell where it was from. Then I realized that that was the same family dad taught 30 years ago! How cool is that?! Anyways she completely remembered him and even knew his first name! Their family got really close to him and so she immediately got on the phone and called the rest of her family and they set up a reunion party for that night. We we went over to the party and started talking about dad and how close they got to him. They told me a ton of hilarious stories about him. They told me about how they were falling away from the church when they first met him. They said that he was the reason that their whole family is still active today in the church. (11 kids and 50-somethin grandkids) It was so cool to meet up with them and I was amazed that they still are here, let alone live in the exact same house!

As I read through Dad's journal its awesome to realize that I'm literally tracting on the exact same streets he did some 30 years ago.

For just getting into the area we've been doing really great! We have two golden investigators right now and we're waiting for a few more to get back into town so we can teach them. Last night we  taught a lady named Barabra who really is amazing! She's been looking for the truth her entire life and she thinks she's found it (she has). We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ lesson and at the end we challenged her to baptism and she accepted! The other person we're teaching is Sister Olsen. She's about 30 and her husband is around 70. She's from the philippines and doesnt really speak english very well. She gets so excited every time we come over and we got her a Book of Mormon in Tagalog and she loves it! We're going to get her to commit to a date tomorrow so thats pretty great! A lot can happen in a month so i'm just hoping and praying that they're able to stay strong and come through! 

The Word of Wisdom is a huge problem up here. Just about everyone and their 10 dogs smokes. I'm really thinking that they should start to show those Terry smoking commercials and maybe that'll open their eyes! Anyways, do you remember how in the movie the Proposal they say that you cant let the small dogs out cause the eagles will take them? Well thats actually true!! We were at dinner with the members last night and this little girl was bawling the entire time. The mom told us that yesterday she let her puppy outside to play on the grass and a eagle swooped by and took it! I felt bad but I had to try so hard to not laugh!! Our area is huge. Its nothing like the lower 48 and all of the houses are sometimes miles apart. Most of the time we're either off roading or driving on dirt roads in our truck which is pretty fun! I love it up here in Alaska. Its so me! I'm pretty sure i'm not coming home for a lot longer than two years and if I do i'm moving up here as quick as I can! 

My comps name is Elder Wingard.  He's a really good guy.

I love being a missionary and even though i've only been out a month time really is going by WAY too fast! 

Hope everything is good at the home!

Love you guys!!

-Elder Brown

This is what I eat every day.

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