Monday, July 15, 2013

Arrival At Anchorage Alaska

Early this morning we got to talk to this cute Elder. We made a conference call to his sister's at work, so all of his siblings (except Kate) could be part of the conversation.

He LOVED the MTC and was sad to leave!  Wow!  You don't hear that much.  Time flew, as we laughed and talked about his MTC experience.  We loved hearing from Elder Brown!

Once Elder Brown landed in Alaska, and was brought to the mission home, we received this picture via Quinn.  Quinn's Uncle Ken Lambertsen, is a counselor in the Mission Presidency.  The text photo (to Quinn, not me), was an added perk!  We are so glad he is there safe and sound.

It happens to be Steve's birthday today.  Happy Birthday Steve! Mike arriving in Alaska on his birthday made us smile!  We miss Steve every day, and love him so much!

Got this photo via text message from a stranger that said, "From one Mom to another!!!" This mom sat behind him and asked if she could take a picture and send it to his mom.  She has a son on a mission in Peru.
Brother Lambertsen and Mike - Anchorage Alaska 2013
Steve - Anchorage Alaska 1980
Mike's Mission Picture 2013
Steve's Mission Picture 1980

Made it here great and i dont have a lot of time but i'm headed down to Soldotna for a week until the rest of my district comes in. Tell Ben to look it up on Google earth. Its crazy here! 

love ya!


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