Saturday, July 6, 2013

First Letter July 5, 2013

Holy cow... what a crazy couple of days it has been!! Let me just tell you a little bit about it... so right when I got out of the car and went into the building they immediately handed me a BYU bag with all of my MTC materials. You know its going to be a long day when thats the first thing they hand you... After that we went into what I call the brainwashing meeting. We sat down in our new districts and met our companions (ALL of the sisters were BAWLING, I mean gasping for air because they were crying so hard) They kinda gave us the whole rundown of how things around the MTC works and then things started to get real bizarre. A nice lady came up to the stand and made us sing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" literally ten times. I mean ok one time is alright but ten? Thats pushing it a little! Then they went ahead and gave us a power point presentation. You'll never guess what it was of. Puppies. Straight up cute cuddly puppies. I mean I dont know how but that immediately shut up all of the sisters and I have to say they were pretty cute so I didnt really mind. I guess i'm just never going to be able to figure out how girls work. Anyways that day was really long, we just went around getting a whole view of the West campus we were on. Its so much different than the main campus. The RainTree section where I thing Meg Lived has been turned into the classrooms and the club house is now the cafeteria. I hear our food is nothing near what the main campus is but its not awful. Having to be with a companion ALL DAY EVERYDAY has kinda thrown me off. You know how I love to be a lone wolf and doing everything by myself so that has been a little hard. I really have had an amazing experience and just these two days have made it all worth it!! But i've got to say... everyone told me that my mission would pass in a blink of an I. But i'm pretty sure i've blinked like a million times and i'm still here! I never really realized just how much revelation we personally are able to recieve if we just ask for it! Today my comp and I taught our first lesson to our investigator. The lesson went really well but there's still a lot of things I need to work on. My teacher told me something that I thought was really interesting today, He said that everything we want for our investigators, we must first want for ourselves. How true is that!! In order to be an effective preacher of the gospel we must first be completely converted ourselves! Last night we got through early and had a 4th of July devotional. We sang a million hymns no one even had ever heard before and had a couple of speakers. After that we started watching 17 Miracles which was a HUGE mistake! It just made all of the sisters and some of the elders start crying and then that just made everyone think of home and get so homesick. It was kind of funny because since our area is right outside the stadium we could hear Carly Rae and Kelly singing so no one was paying attention. Once they figured it out they turned the movie up a ton so it was just blaring! It was kind of our ear muffs I guess. After the movie we all went outside and got ice cream and watched the fireworks. They sucked. It just goes to show how much worse everything in the city to the south is. I really missed seeing the fireworks at Eaglewood since that is one of my favorite things in the summer. Well that has pretty much been my two days. We only have 4 hours for P day so I dont think I'll be able to get back on this week but I should have a full one next Friday. Let me know how your week went and what's going on! I forgot to print out an item for the boat so hopefully you're not leaving for FG yet so i can sent it next week...
Love you guys!!

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