Monday, May 18, 2015

Stellar Week

Well this week has just been pretty stellar if I do say so myself. President and Sister Robinson were in Salt Lake for meetings for the iPad training so we had a lot of time to work in our area! We decided that we spend so much time driving around in our car that we miss and simply pass by so many people that are out walking around that we could talk to. (We drive the mission van for our car which is a big silver  van name Geneva. Normally I hate vans but I love riding around in her! The only bad part is it's kind of the typical Mormon stereotype with two missionaries jumping out of a huge van haha. Anyway our area all on a hill so it's crazy steep. Needless to say it's definitely not the greatest biking area but we decided to troop it out anyway and it's been a blast!
This weekend we had our last Zone Conference so that's kind of a bummer that all of those are all over. 
Yesterday was just our day of miracles! We had a non member who had been coming to church for about a month commit to take the discussions with his family which is going to be so great! Also there was a family that we tracted into about 2 months ago that we had dinner with last night. The Mom grew up in the church until she was in her early teens and that dad grew up catholic. For months I had been praying every night that this family's hearts would soften and that they would be able to accept the gospel into their lives. Well we went over and had dinner with them and then had an awesome discussion on Eternal Families. All of that led into them asking all of these great questions about the gospel and concerns that they had. In the end the family also decided to take the lessons so now we're going to be teaching them as well!
Elder Babb goes home next week and so we're going to be getting my new companion, Elder Harris, this Thursday so that we can start training him up! 
Oh man this Wednesday ( we finally get our iPads... I'm pretty excited for them because they'll be able to help so much but then at the same time I'm a little bit nervous for our mission... Hopefully everyone is good and it all ends up working out in the end!

Well that's about what's happening up here!

Have a great week!

-Elder Brown

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