Monday, November 10, 2014

Expect Miracles

Hello Family,

I read the article on the Utah game... Poor guy! That's a pretty big bummer. Looks like things would have turned out a whole lot differently if it wasn't for that one mistake! The good thing is that it looks like that Utes are rising up again and getting pretty good so hopefully by next year when I get home they'll be doing great! By the sounds of it it seems like Ben's just a little stud!  I always knew he was going to be an awesome basketball player. I used to tell Dad that Ben was going to be better than me at sports when he got older. haha!

Oh man that Lizzy Brown girl... we'll I can't say that I'm not too surprised that she's not the greatest driver in the world. She's awesome though. :) You might want to go to the junk yard and see what clunker you can find her for your pocketbooks sake! That's so weird Ashton's already back... I swear she just barely left before Kate. You know what that means.... 

Well to answer a couple of your questions... Elder Jolley and I aren't in North Pole but we're pretty close! After only being with him for about 2 weeks now I can say that he gets a whole lot of Jolley puns thrown at him. He's great though! Do I ever run out of people to teach?? Haha to be honest that's something that I'm always thinking about.  It's a good problem to have though. What always amazes me is how no matter what as long as I'm being a good boy, working hard and doing what I'm supposed to the Lord never ceases to bless us with people to teach. For example: This past week we've been studying a lot on miracles and trying to recognize the everyday miracles that we have in our work. I started a miracle journal that I write in every night and so far it's been pretty cool! Last Monday night went to contact a potential investigator family and it ended up not turning out so well. It was a little discouraging, so I decided that we should go and contact all of our potential investigators we had that night so we could just get turned down by all of then and get it over with. Walking up to the next door I recognized my attitude and turned to Elder Jolley and said "Elder Jolley we're about to see a miracle" We walked up and knocked on the door and they immediately let us and and we were able to talk with them for about a half hour and set up a return appointment for tomorrow to come back and teach them the Restoration! 

One more little miracle from this week. So last Sunday we had been fasting for help turning our potentials into investigators. We were able to pick up Josh and Ashley (the ones we're teaching tomorrow) and then we had been trying to contact this PM family for about 3 months so that we could start teaching their kids and the father then out of the blue the mom called our WML and told him that she wanted us to come over this Saturday so we could start teaching their kids and baptize them! 

Ether 12: 12

  • Book of Mormon
12For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith.
Expect Miracles!

As for Zone Conference President Robinson's flying up this weekend and we're going to have it on Friday so it should be a pretty good week! Well that's what's going on in my neck of the woods so I hope everything's going great down in the Lower 48!

-Elder Brown

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