Monday, June 9, 2014

Cloud 9

I honestly don't even know where to start to talk about this week. No words can really describe how amazing things have been going and it's definitely weeks like these that make everything worth it. We've been so blessed to see so many miracles this week that it's pretty crazy! It's amazing what a little tender love and care and a whole lot of hard work can do for an area. This week we were able to pick up 5 new investigators that are progressing so fast! There's a ton to talk about, but I'll just share a few stories. You'll probably think that I'm going crazy (and I probably am) but last Thursday night I had a dream where I was standing on one of the streets in our area. The next day I woke up and we had decided to go tract for a few hours the night before so we went to the street. We tracted for a few hours which was good and we found a few less actives that we didn't know lived there. We were getting tired and so we decided to try one last house. When we were walking to the door this lady came out to meet us (I was assuming just to tell us to go away or something like that) She told us that the night before she had been praying and asking God to send us or to send someone who could give her a blessing. Jane has met with missionaries a few times over the years and is really good friends with a lot of members of the church. She was just about to call her friend and ask him to come and give her a blessing when we showed up. Heavenly Father knows all of his children.

This past week we've been working a lot with Sarah's (the one who got baptized in the lake) "adopted" mom and her family. We were having a lesson last night at a members' house and were teaching the Plan of Salvation. Throughout meeting with her she had been telling us how she's been bouncing around to all of these different churches but every one that she went to she could just feel that there was something missing. Near the end of the lesson she just stopped us and told us that she knows that she's been taught this before. That the piece that was missing from all of the other churches was finally all coming together. It's amazing how one of the purposes of the Holy Ghost is to "Bring all things to [our] remembrance" I know that it not only brings things to our remembrance that we have learned in this life but also in the life before. All of us were taught the Plan of Salvation before we came to this world and throughout life the Spirit will testify that to us. 

Love you guys have an amazing week!

-Elder Brown 

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