Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lucky Dog

Hey Momma!

Man I'm so jealous of you guys getting to go down to Newport for a week! I miss that place. You need go to Hotdog on a stick and buy one and send it up to me! So who's all going down with you? Are all of the marrieds getting to come this time? Sounds like you didn't have a very good Friday the 13th... but hey it could've been a whole lot worse! At least they were able to figure it all out and get it all fixed up. I guess you can just be glad that you have pipes that can break unlike poor Kate! 

Well you'll definitely have to take tons of pictures this week and send them to me so I can see how much fun I'm missing out on! I'm kidding :) Newport has so many memories... going down there with the Brown's was so much fun! Something I'll never forget. 

This week's been a pretty good one. It was Elder Fatani's "Senior Companion Week" Since he's just about through with training so I just got to sit back and relax and let him run the show. It was pretty nice! Transfer calls are coming up this Saturday so we'll see what happens!! There's a ton of new missionaries coming out this next one so I think either Elder Fatani's getting shipped off somewhere else and I'm staying or we're both leaving. We'll see what happens! 

Well I hope you guys have fun in Newport without me... BOOO!!!

-Elder Brown

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