Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The "Hot" Wedding

Hey Mudda!
This week went by SO fast. It was pretty much filled with a bunch of meetings all day everyday but it was a lot of fun! We had Zone Conference last Wednesday which was so much fun! For the first part of the day we were in the church receiving all these different trainings but then for the last half we went to the Reindeer farm that a member of the church owns which is right at the base of a really cool mountain to hike called the Butte. For the rest of the day we hiked around the mountain and did a bunch of different activities so it was a lot of fun! Then Thursday we were in Anchorage all day for trainings and a meeting with someone from the General Missionary Board.

So today's the big day! Maddie Fisher's finally going to be baptized! She's a pretty cool girl and really didn't want to get baptized in a baptismal font but wanted to do it just like the pioneers in a lake or river. Usually they really frown upon doing it outside of the church but we pushed President Beesley and he gave in so she's going to get baptized in our Bishops lake. It should be really cool so I'm pretty excited! 

Yeah there's a REALLY big fire down by my first area, Kenai. I guess it's getting pretty close to the town so they're a little worried about that but it rained today so hopefully that helped. The fire's about 200 miles away from us but the smoke up here is so bad and there's ash falling like snowflakes! It's like a thick fog so you really can't see that far. Most people are going around wearing masks and bandanas so they don't breathe it all in.

So to answer your question... Her sister's already a member but she's really less active. Apparently when she was young she fell for a missionary and got baptized so now we are trying to reactivate her.

Well I think that that's about it for this week.

Have a great week mom! 

-Elder Brown
 Zone Conference
A pet parrot someone gave us.
 Hiking Pioneer Peak. He's the man

 Zone conference (Pioneer Peak is in the background) Elder Fatani, just got here last transfer and is getting trained in the area next to us.
 Lynn Jones, getting baptized.
"You have the keys right?" "Uhhhh..." Yeah we lock our keys in the apartment quite a bit...

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