Monday, September 22, 2014

Oh Man It's Getting Cold

Oh man the leaves are gone, it's gettin darker and darker and it's starting to get pretty darn cold! It's just about time to whip out the hat and gloves and I'm not too happy about it... But by the looks of the pictures you've sent me and all of the hikes you've been going on lately you're still living the dream! It's kinda scary that Lizzy can start dating in just a few months! I'm pretty bummed that I'm not going to be there when her first date comes to the door to pick her up. I need revenge for all of those time I had to get the talk from all of those scary intimidating dad's before I could take their daughter out. I had it all planned out what I was going to do but I guess it'll have to wait until I get back :) 

Well what can I say this week was just a dandy one. We didn't really have a whole lot of time to work in our area because we were so busy doing other things but it was pretty fun! Wednesday afternoon we flew down to Anchorage for a meeting with Elder Evans for MLC. There was only a few of us in the meeting so it was so awesome to be in such a small meeting with a General Authority. After the meeting we went to bed and then woke up bright and early to meet Elder Evans and his wife and President and Sister Robinson to fly back up to Fairbanks with them. Elder McCusker drew the short straw and lost the bet so he had to drive when Elder Evans was up here! It's pretty intimidating when you have a General Authority right next to you so needless to say we drove like grandmas to the Stake Center but made it safe and sound and without getting rebuked on our chauffeur skills! The meeting was so awesome and we talked about so many cool things that are going to help us out so much in our missionary work! He told us that within the next couple of months we're going to be getting iPads so that's a pretty big bummer. I was hoping that our mission would never get them while I was out here just because I don't want to have to get back on Facebook... So I guess we'll see how it goes.

At the end of the meeting something pretty cool happened. We were talking about different and more effective ways to find people to teach other than tracting and he gave us an apostolic promise that if we tried this then as a result of this meeting people who would have otherwise never heard or accepted the gospel will be baptized as well as their posterity for generations to come. Then he gave Elder McCusker and I a challenge that for the rest of our appts for the day we had to try this and then report back to President Robinson how it worked. Well we did it and as a result we found someone who told us that she wants to become a Mormon and be baptized as well as a bunch of other really promising investigators! Things lately have just been on fire and we've been finding people left and right! Apostolic promises are pretty cool :)
Well that's pretty much how this week went! Dawn finally got her patches to help quit smoking and is still planning on the 4th so we're real excited for her!

Hope all is going just great! You guys are awesome!

-Elder Brown

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