Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hi mom!

Hopefully you didn't think that I forgot to email you this week, you know I'd never do that. ;) Ooooooo yess please send me up some salsa! I'm not going to lie I definitely don't miss the annual salsa making day, but I love eating it! Thanks for sending all of the pictures!

This past week was Alaska's Fall. It literally lasts less than a week. Last Tuesday the tree turned colors so it had been so pretty and then today we looked out the window and what did we see? No leaves. Just goes to show that the old saying that Alaska only has two seasons (Winter and construction) is pretty true.
These past four days or so have been absolutely crazy! We got our transfer calls this last week and it turns out that Elder McCusker and I are staying where we are so we're pretty happy about that! Oh man there's so many cool stories to tell you so I don't really know where to start. 

I guess I can talk about Rick our blind investigator! So Rick has been meeting with missionaries for around 5 years, but recently has been really thinking about joining the church. This last fast Sunday we were both fasting for Rick and what we needed to do with him because he hadn't really been progressing lately. We went over during the week and had dinner with them one night. After dinner he completely randomly asks us "How long would it take for me to be ready to be baptized?" Both of us were pretty taken back, but told him that we would be able to prepare him in a few weeks. He went on to tell us that the night before he had a dream that he had this great desire to be baptized but was really stressed out because both of us were getting transferred out and weren't able to baptize him. Ever since he had this dream things have completely changed and he's been doing so great! He's just convinced that drinking 2 glasses of wine a night is good for his vision so we just need to get him over that and he should be good to go!
To answer your question about Dawn, she got the answer to her prayer this week and so she's planning on the 4th of October to be baptized! Her daughter Courtney said that its "so uncool" to be baptized on the same day as her mom so she's shooting for the 25th of next month. Hopefully we can move it up a little bit.
So! Healy, (one of the areas in our zone) Is getting shut down this transfer except they had a baptism planned for this coming week. They had to push the date up a few days so that it could happen before the Elders there were transferred out. So on Sunday Elder McCusker, Elder Wang, and drove down to interview her. Their investigator's name is Shu Shu and she's from China. She speaks pretty good English but doesn't really know Gospel terms very well, so we brought Elder Wang with us to translate. I was able to interview her and it's so amazing how during the interviews the Spirit really tells you whether or not they're ready. She passed and so Elder Wang and I drove back yesterday so that he could baptize her and translate. It was a pretty cool experience! But needless to say after 9 hours of driving in 2 days I'm pretty sick of it.

This week Elder Call (head of the missionary department) is coming to our mission and so we've been really busy putting together a Zone Conference. When he get's up here we get escort him around so that should be pretty cool! On Wednesday evening we're flying down to Anchorage to go to a meeting with him and then the next morning we're flying up with him and then having Zone Conference so it should be a pretty busy week! 

Love you guys! 

-Elder Brown

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  1. Hello I tried to send a post but it got lost. My name is Sandy and my son will be serving his mission in Alaska beginning nov 19th. What things are best to pack and others to buy there? Thanks