Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Hey Mom! 

This weekend we drove 2 hours down to a little town called Healy where some missionaries in my district are stationed and stayed with them for a few days. It's so pretty down there! Healy's only a few miles north of Denali National Park which is right where Mt. Mckinley is so that was a lot of fun! But man am I glad I'm not serving there... There's only a few hundred people there and they've already tracted out the whole place so most of the day they just walk around town and hope someone walks by that they can talk to. Rough life. But they have a few really solid investigators so that's why they keep them down there.

Scott and Evangaline (the ones with the Diner) are still doing really great! We're just really trying to get him to hire some new staff to work on Sundays so that he and his wife can take Sunday's off and come to church! That's really the only thing that's keeping them from being baptized so I really hope we can make it work! All things are possible with the Lord right? So I'm sure it'll all work out. Transfer calls are this week which is sooo weird because I feel like they were just yesterday... Man time's flying by!

Well hopefully you're still alive and that things are going good!

Love ya!

-Elder Brown

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