Sunday, August 17, 2014

That Weekly Letter

Mason turned two??! It's going to be so weird to come home and hear him talking... I still remember the night when Meg went into labor and I sat in the waiting room for 6 hours. Yep that's never happening again. Next time I'm just waiting at home. That seemed like a pretty sweet birthday party though! Mase looked like he was having a blast and of course I loved his backpack! Ben and Liz are you excited for school?? Well too bad cause you've only got a week left of summer so you better live it up! 

Gosh this week has zoomed by so fast! I can't believe that it's already time to email again! There's so much that's been happening lately and I've never been happier in my life! Like I said in my last email last Monday we drove down to Anchorage for transfer meeting and then stayed there for a few nights until MLC on Wednesday. Our meetings ended up taking most of the day so we weren't able to hit the road until pretty late so we ended up driving 4 hours up to Healy and then sleeping there for the night. The next morning we had to wake up pretty early so that we could make it to Fairbanks to go house hunting for 2 sets of sister missionaries. The lease on their apartment is ended really soon so we had to go and tour a bunch of other apartments and find one that would work! After a few hours we finally found one so now we have to have it all furnished for them by the end of the week... fun stuff. 

On the first Friday of every transfer we have something called Zone Meeting where all of the missionaries in the Zone come together and Elder McCusker and I got to put together a 3 hour meeting/training. The theme that we decided on doing was "Come to the Edge" We talked about the stories of Enos, Alma the younger, etc. and how each of them came to a point in their lives where they were standing on the edge and had to jump. We compared it to missionary life by talking about how just like Alma and Enos each of us has things holding us back from reaching our full potential as a servant of the Lord (disobedience, fear, lack of caring) and how we wanted this to be the point in their missions where they make the jump and put all of the things holding them back, behind them. As in the cases of Enos and Alma it always takes sacrifice but when we make the jump the Lord will never allow us to fall. 
We did a really cool activity where we set up a course of tables in the gym that seemed to get gradually higher and higher  up off of the ground until it reached the stage. We had all of the missionaries wear blindfolds then they had someone lead them along the course until they made it to the top. At the top, thinking that they were about 5 feet in the air we made them jump off when the stage was only 1 or 2 inches below them. Oh man I wish I had recorded it! Everyone at the top was freaking out and some of the sisters started to cry haha! We were mean and made them jump anyways :) 
The work in the 3rd ward is awesome! We have more investigators than I've ever have had and after this week we have 3 people on date to be baptized by the end of the month! 

Well sorry for the long email but I hope you have a great week!

-Elder Brown

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